Kaspersky Installer Giving Blank Screen


To resolve the blank screen issue when installing Kaspersky, please run what is known as a ‘silent install’ using the steps below:

1. Please download the latest version of the program from the following link, choosing your product and then the correct language: http://usa.kaspersky.com/downloads/software-upgrades
2. If prompted, please choose to ‘Save’ the file.
3. In the browser you used to download the program, please press ‘Ctrl. + J’ on your keyboard to bring up a list of recent downloads. The Kaspersky installer file should be at the top – please drag this file onto your desktop.
4. On your desktop, please press ‘Win. + R’ on your keyboard to open the ‘Run’ menu. After deleting any contents in the search bar from this menu, drag the installer file from your desktop into the search bar here.
5. Select the entire string of text, and copy it by pressing ‘Ctrl. + C’ on your keyboard.
6. Please open your start menu and in the search at the bottom left, type in ‘cmd’.
7. Right-click on ‘cmd’ and select ‘Run as administrator’ (select ‘Yes’ or ‘OK’ in the window that pops up).
8. Paste in the path of the installer file by right-clicking the command prompt window and selecting ‘Paste’.
9. In the same line, type in ‘ /s’ without the single quotes (Note – there is a space before the /) and then press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard to start the install.

Wait about 10 minutes for silent installation to finish (there won’t be any windows or notifications popping up). In the end the Kaspersky shortcut will appear on your desktop, Kaspersky icon will appear in system tray. When they do, launch either one.

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