WHUK almost doubles its resources on Cloud Hosting

WHUK which stands for Web Hosting UK Com Ltd. increases the cloud bunch owned by them with higher amount of resources so as to enhance the performance and efficiency of the server hosting. On the 20th June 2014 the company WHUK which is known by the name Webhosting UK COM Ltd announces that from now onwards it will provide almost twice the resources previously offered with the plans related to the VMware cloud hosting.

Web Hosting UK Com Ltd. is one of the biggest leaders in web hosting services for the last thirteen years in the United Kingdom. Web Hosting UK Com Ltd in addition to increasing the resources is also willing to improve and boost the cluster by means of getting a fair and mind-blowing brand new processor which can perform twice the quantity of RAM along with the storage space better than the VM cloud hosting schemes of past generations – all these great developments at a really reasonable low price range.

VMware plans of the Web Hosting UK Com Ltd. are to deliver including 2 GB RAM, 60 GB storage space, and dual 2.2 GHz vCPUs, along with a monthly bandwidth of 5000 GB at the price rate of thirty three dollars a month. The above stated configuration is almost five times bigger and better than the clustered design which was offered by the company previously, including

As per the market claims and keeping in mind the age of customization the users and clients need a lot more resources for large amount of required demands and take this scenario into account they can opt for12 x 2.2 Ghz vCPUs, along with 64 GB RAM and for storage 1 TB SAS which is also present in the VMware Cloud schemes to deliver maximum performance along with high speed.

The managing director of Web Hosting UK Com Ltd. Robert King stated VMware Cloud is designed specifically to deliver enterprise-class hosting requirements and is by far the finest option for businesses and corporate houses that call for the absolute solution when it comes to dependability and consistency along with backup solutions for uptime-severe websites.

Web Hosting UK Com Ltd. offers twice the ordinary vCPU performance which can only means that the experience amazingly fast performance and speed the clients must switch over now. And thirty three dollars per month is nothing for any corporate houses to be thinking about their budget. At this amount web hosting services by Web Hosting UK Com Ltd. can fit in all types of budgets.

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